Memorials & Donations

Are you interested in donating to the Reinbeck Public Library? Not sure what that looks like? No problem! Many people have found unique ways to donate to the Library, whether that be in monthly donations or through memorials for those who have past on. We can find something that works for you. 



Some memorials and monthly donations are made in order to purchase books. We have purchased Children's Books, Non Fiction books, and Large Print books through donor requests. 

Recent Donors for Books

Children's Books

Rebecca Rae Peterson

Marion Boyer

Non Fiction Books

Raymond Rannfeldt

Jan Erhig


Some donations and memorials are used for projects to improve the Library itself. We have done benches, trees, and and other projects through these donor requests.

Recent Donors for Projects

Building Improvments 

Gleo Mccommon

Display Plates

Wilma Dall


Some donations and memorials are left as miscellaneous, to be used however the Library sees fit. Recently, a Mural was painted in the library with miscellaneous funds.

Recent Donors

Library Mural

Julia Witt