Annual Report

Each year in October, Iowa libraries are asked to complete the Public Library Annual Survey.  The data from all of the verified surveys are then compiled for a statewide look at the vitality of library service in Iowa; the compilation is used for comparison purposes as well.

This annual publication incorporates data from the 508 verified Annual Surveys that public libraries submitted in October.  It includes selected information on income, expenditures, collections, circulation, programming, staffing and other measures. Each section is arranged by library size code, then alphabetically by city.

In addition to data elements Scott notes, this publication also lists all of the public libraries in Iowa, the population of the cities that the libraries were established to serve, and the number of libraries in each population grouping. 

For example, Iowa has 127 Size A libraries in towns with less than 500 population. 

There are 126 Size B libraries in populations between 500-999 and 

118 Size C libraries in populations between 1,000-2,499. 

Iowa has 7 Size G libraries in populations between 25,000-49,999 and 

11 Size H libraries serving populations of 50,000 or greater.  There are 3 county library systems in Iowa, established by Dubuque, Scott, and Woodbury Counties.

The Iowa Public Library Statistics is an important and very useful resource when researching the activity of Iowa's 544 public libraries. 

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