Administration and Governance

Library Board Ordinance.




 The public library for the City is known as the Reinbeck Public Library. It is referred to in this chapter as the Library.


The Library Board shall consist of five (5) members. Four (4) members shall be elected at large within the City and one (1) member shall be elected by the city voters from among qualified residents of the Reinbeck Community School District residing outside of the City limits of Reinbeck and within Grundy County.


22.03 TERMS.

Terms of the Library Board members shall be four (4) years with staggered terms to be established in the 1981 regular City election, in that the majority of the elected Library Board members who receive the highest number of votes shall be elected to four (4) year terms and the remainder shall be elected for initial two (2) year terms, thereafter to be elected to four (4) year terms.


At the first meeting of the Library Board after January 1 following a regular city election, the members shall organize by naming a Chairperson and a Secretary from its membership. The Librarian shall serve as Treeasurer, but shall not be a member of the Board.


The Library Board (in consultation with the City Administrator) shall have authority over the properties and personnel of the public library, subject to the limitation on expenditures set forth in the annual budget provided by the Council.


The Library Board shall have authority to select, or authorize the librarian to select, and to make purchase of books, pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, papers, maps, journals, and other library materials, furniture, fixtures, stationery, and supplies for the library, subject to the limitation on the expenditures set forth in the annual budget provided by the City Council. The Library Board shall follow the purchasing procedures established for all City departments by the Council.

22.07 BUDGET.

The Library Board shall prepare a proposed budget for the purpose of operating and maintaining the public library. Such budget shall be submitted to the City Administrator with such details as required by the Council on or before the first day of the month preceding the month in which falls the date of the hearing on the budget for the following fiscal year.


The Library Board shall have authority to order expenditure of such moneys as are appropriated for it by the Council. The City Administrator shall have custody of the Library moneys which shall be kept in the general fund unless otherwise transferred by the Council to a trust or capital improvement fund. 


The Library Board may maintain a petty cash fund not to exceed $100.00 for the purpose of providing change to patrons and making small purchases. The Library Board shall provide an accounting of any purchases to the Clerk on or before the 10th of each month.


The Library Board shall keep a correct  account of all moneys or property belonging to the municipality that it receives, stating from where and on what account paid. It shall, on or before the 10th of each month, pay to the City Administrator all moneys received by it during the proceding month and take the City Administrator's receipt therefor.


The Library Board (in consultation with the City Administrator) shall have power to employ a librarian and other personnel in accordance with the City's personnel policy and direct such employees in their work. The City Administrator may allocate City employees' time to work on library facilities as agreed upon with the Library Board, and such employees shall carry out the work as directed by the City Administrator.


The Library Board shall make plans for the development and use of the public library.

22.13 RULES.

The Library Board shall have power to make rules and regulations for the use and management of library facilities, subject to the approval of the rules by the Council. Such rules shall be either posted on the facility or otherwise publicized in a manner to provide adequate notice to the using public.


Violation of a Library Board rule which has been approved by the Council or adopted by ordinance may be cause for denial of use of a facility or participation in a program, but such denial which extends more than one day may be appealed to the City Council for a hearing. Anyone violating a Library Board rule or regulation shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a municipal infraction as set out under Chapter 3 of this Code of Ordinances


The Library Board may contract with any other boards of free public libraries,  any other City, school corporation, private, or semi-private organization, institution of higher learning, township, or county, or with the trustees of any county library district for the use of the library by their respective residents. Such a contract may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the contracting parties. It also may be terminated by a majority vote of the electors represented by either party on a written petition of not less than five (5) per cent in a number of the electors who voted for governor in the state of the party at the last general election. The petition must be presented to the governing body not less than forty (40) days before said election. The proposition may be submitted at any election provided by law that is held in the territory of the party who is seeking to terminate the contract.


The Library Board may authorize the use of the library by nonresidnetsd in any one or more of the following ways:

A. By lending the books or other materials of the library of the library to nonresidents on the same terms and conditions as to the residents of the City, or upon payment of a special, nonresident fee.

B. By establishing depositories of library books or other materials to be loaned to nonresidents.

C. By establishing bookmobiles or a traveling library so that books or other library materials may be loaned to nonresidents.

D. By establishing branch libraries for lending books or other library materials to nonresidents.


The Library Board shal make written reports to the Council of its activities from time to time as it deems advisable or upon Council request. Its revenues and expenditures shall be reported month by the City Administrator in the manner of other departmental revenues and expenditures, and a copy shall be provided to each member of the Library Board and in the City Administrator's report to the Council.


The Library Board shall have other such powers and perform such other duties as may be provided by the Council, the ordinances of the City or the laws of the State.


The members of the Library Board shall receive no compensation for their services.


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