Access, Services and Programs

These policies cover policies on loan periods, borrowing privileges, library programs and more.

Circulation: Library materials are checked out free to patrons. The circulating books and audios are loaned for a period of two weeks. New monthly magazines may be checked out for three days. Older magazines may be checked out for two weeks. Extensions on materials may be arranged for research or special projects.

Jigsaw puzzles may be checked out for an indefinite period. Cake pans may generally be checked out for a two week period.

Reference materials which include anything categorized as "reference" in the computer system are generally for use inside the library. These include current enyclopedias, atlases, and dictionaries. If needed, these items may be checked out for a period of no longer than three days.

The  Puppets, and toys are generally not available for checkout. Video tapes and DVDs, may be checked out overnight according to the video policy. Certain videos are designated for longer checkout periods. 

Confidentiality Policy: The Reinbeck Public Library Board of Trustees recognizes 22.7 of the Code of Iowa which protects the confidentiality of 'the records of a library which, by themselves or when examined with other public records, would reveal the identity of the library patron checking out or requesting an item or information from the library'. The Code states that 'the records shall be released to a criminal or juvenile justice agency only pursuant to an investigation of a particular person or organization suspected of committing a known crime. The records shall be released only upon a judicial determination that a rational connection exists between the requested release of information and a legitimate end that the need for information is cogent and compelling.'

Information requests. materials borrowed or used within the library. computer use records, and interlibrary loan records shall be kept confidential. The library director serves as custodian of the records, and will not release these records except under court order. An exception to this disclosure to parents of inappropriate web sites viewed by minors as covered in the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Equipment use: Multi-functioning printer/copier/scanner/fax unit  is provided as a service and convenience to the public. The cost of copies to the public shall be 25  cents a sheet  for both  black and white and color, unless increased maintenance warrents a raise in prices. 

Cost to patrons to send faxes shall be three dollars for the first page and one dollar for each page after that. There is no cost to receive a fax.

The computers may be used free of charge to patrons in good standing with the library. There is a cost of 25 cents a sheet for use of the printers. There is no Internet fee. Patrons using the Internet must adhere to the library's Acceptable Use policy. No computer privileges for patrons who do not return overdue materials after being contacted until fine is paid or materials returned.

Overdues: Each week a list is compiled of materials that are overdue. Overdue notices will be sent, or a phone call made to the borrower in a timely manner. A grace period of one week after the due date will be allowed with no fines charged. A fine of 25 cents will be charged after the second contact, and a fine of 50 cents after the third, etc. Fines will accumulate at the discretion of the librarian. The fines may not exceed the cost of the overdue item.

Lost or damaged materials: If materials are lost, the full replacement cost of the items will be charged, although the patron will be given considerable time to locate the lost articles. At the discretion of the library board, further action may be taken. Damaged materials will be charged according to the amount of damage and the possibility of repair.

Renewals and reserves: Books may be reserved for an additional two week period unless reserved for another patron. A seond renewal is possible for items not in demand, but books from the new book shelves may be renewed only once. Patrons may request that an item be held for them. They will be notified when the item is available. If the item is not claimed within three days after the notification, it will be given to the next person on the reserve list or returned to the general collection.

Interlibrary loan services: The Reinbeck Public Library is part of the SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online). Most interlibrary transactions are done through SILO. As a borrowing library, the Reinbeck Library notifies pateons when requested items become available, or notifies them if the materials are not available. The borrowed items due dates are specified by the lending libraries. As a lending library, the Reinbeck Library sends out materials to other libraries through the van delivery service or the mail. Materials sent out to other libraries generally have a one month check out period as recommended by the state library. Some items may be renewed. High demand items may not generallly be renewed. The interlibrary loan service is free unless otherwise specified. The Reinbeck Library also takes place in the Access Plus program by which patrons of other Iowa libraries may directly check out materials from the Reinbeck Library. Access Plus library patrons will adhere to the same rules as the Reinbeck patrons for length of checkout, fines, and cost of repair or replacement of materials.

Reference services: The Reinbeck Public Library's reference policy is to try to meet the needs of everyone in the community. All patrons are assisted in their search for information and treated with courtesy, respect, strict confidentiality and no censorship.

Reference Interview: In helping patrons with their information search, library staff must determine the needs of the users by conducting a reference interview. The staff may recommend vertical file material, "Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, reference books, or other materials. Also Internet searches may be recommended. The Reinbeck Library subscribes to EBSCOHOST which patrons may use either within the library or remotely for needed information. Reference service is conducted on a first come first serve basis whether by telephone or walk-in patron. Email questions will also be responded to in a timely manner. Sometimes reference questions may be referred to an outside source such as the Library Service Area.

Homework Assignments: Students may be assisted by library staff in locating the needed information. Homework assignments should be done by students themselves, with help provided only in how to find the needed information.

 Sex Offender policy: In accordance with Chapter 692A of Subtitle 1 of Title 16 of The Code of Iowa, the Board of Trustees prohibits the presence of convicted sex offenders against minors upon or within 300 feet of library property without written permission of the library director. The library director may only give written permission as the result of a vote at a meeting of the Board of Trustees at which a quorum is present. Persons barred from library property under the law remain entitled to library service. It is the responsibility of the patron to arrange for a courier to select, check out , and return materials to the library through possession of the patron's card. Violations of this policy will be immediately to law enforcement.

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